With the immensely exciting yet intimidating arrival of the first real estate fundraising day, we sat together, eyes glued to the percentage bar of the Spanish Mar de Pulpi property. We would be lying if we did not say it was a stressful time, countless hours of hard work, sweat…

22.12.2021 is a historic date for the whole Terra Land team.

It is this date, that after being live almost 72 hours, the first fundraising in the Terra ecosystem’s history was finally completed.

We have worked towards this moment for many months, and it has finally come. Our 93 participants included both private individual users, as well as institutional investors.

We are now left with some legal formalities. In view of the holiday season, this will be completed over the next few weeks.

We believe that with the release of every real property thereafter we will have more and more eager participants, waiting to engage in the fundraisers. With this growth we expect a natural increase in new suggestions, critiques, and ideas, which Terra Land will be more than happy to provide you with.

Dear Terra Land community,

To summarise the Noble Package initiative:

We have chosen to make a donation towards Mrs. Weronika’s appeal (MAZ-981–79878). She is raising six children between the ages of 3 and 14.

Family history:
Following a divorce from her husband earlier this year, after a long history of physical…


This is a magical time for many. Time for reflection, joy, family meetings, shared meals, and gifts.

This is the time when people spend the time together, feel the blissful atmosphere of Christmas and forget about the worries of everyday life.

Everyone wants to give their best to others…

We promised to reveal another card in our deck. Today we will reveal the secret of our special service, Terra Land Premium Club. It is a service that we will constantly develop and improve, but today you will learn about the TLPC assumptions that will be implemented first.

Users from…

The Property On Demand service was very high on our priority list from the beginning, but the huge interest from our users has put it in the top priority category today, which means we will be introducing it as one of the first services available on Terra Land.

Future website design

What is…


As promised, we have prepared for you a full analysis of the events that took place yesterday.

As there were many voices saying that the address:
does NOT belong to any of our seed investors or private investors and team.

We believe that what happened yesterday will serve…


Tlanders, today we will discuss the advantages of the $TLand token. Before we dive into the advantages, we’d like to clear up one very important thing, which is causing some misunderstandings… In the Terra Land project there are 2 groups of tokens:

  1. Native $TLand Token- a utility token with…


We know how important the legal aspects of our project are.
Many members of our Polish community have found this out in interviews we have given. We don’t want our international community to have any less knowledge about Terra Land.
Every Tlander is equally important to us, so we’ve…

Terra Land

The TerraLand is a global transaction platform based on blockchain technology for the commercialization of real estate from the primary market

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