Denia Beach Residencial

TLAND Project
2 min readApr 25, 2022


Tlanders, we would like to inform you that the fundraising for Denia Beach Residencial has ended with a result of 39.8%.

We would like to thank all users who participated in it.

Based on the history of previous fundraising and reactions of users interested in lower allocation to our products, we have made every effort to dedicate practically 100% of the allocation to them in this fundraising. Users focused on large volumes were redirected to Property On Demand (POD) products as far as possible. Two conclusions can be drawn on this matter. The first is that there is a very strong interest in POD.

We currently have 39 advanced discussions, and the transactions behind them in total $UST 17 655 000.

The second conclusion is that the potential for fundraising-type products in low volumes in our current community is too low.

As the Terra Land team, we have made decisions that we believe are appropriate to the situation, namely to further develop the POD service and expand the audience for fundraising products to include users of the Ethereum (ETH) network.
As part of this effort, we will launch a cross-chain that will allow us to accept payments in stablecoins from the ETH network, as well as list the wrapped TLAND token on Uniswap. We believe that combining the potential of ETH users with fundamental real estate projects and protocols from the Terra network such as Anchor Protocol will be a great success. We would like to take this opportunity to inform you that the investment process for Terra network users remains the same.

The funds that have been raised in the Denia Beach Residencial fundraising will be available for users to collect from the deposit (prefund). For those who have joined the fundraising (after the close of the prefund), the funds will be sent back to the wallet by April 27, 2022