Introducing the new feature

TLAND Project
2 min readApr 29, 2022


As we have announced the continuous development of the Terra Land platform, today we would like to reveal to you what will be the next new service available for Tlanders.
Within the same idea of being able to diversify your portfolio through all available assets, without price barriers, we want to present you with a new decentralized collective process in which each of you will be able to participate.

Our new functionality will allow each of you to join the purchase of any asset available on the market that you choose. This can include plots in the metaverse, any NFT and other assets.
Thanks to the new service, each of you will be able to own a “piece” of the top NFT, the best-located plot of land in any metaverse and benefit from the potential increase in their value. As usual, we will put the management of the purchased asset in the hands of the ones who bought it. As a platform, we will also have the opportunity to forge partnerships and negotiate preferential terms to access the most attractive assets. We believe this will be a great investment opportunity and it will open new horizons.

Thanks to the new solutions users will not be obliged to register on the platform (it is only a condition to see the purchased collections) and what is even more important, many of the collections will not require going through the KYC process.

The decentralized model gives the platform and its users faster access to open voting within the DAO of those who have deposited funds.

See below for details of the new model!