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3 min readMar 17, 2022


It has been a while since the last article regarding Property on Demand (POD), and Terra Land has since successfully fundraised two properties, Mar de Pulpi in Spain, and Fort Cambridge in Malta. Syncing up with the first property’s official acquisition we launched the Loan Farming protocol, letting users unlock their equity in the form of a loan in $UST, using their RPT’s as a collateral, raising the potential yield by a significant multiplier.

For a while now we have been asked a lot about our signature POD, and while not yet launched, it was already generating huge support. Seeing the platform grow and continue to achieve its milestones, the trust in the system and the project has grown.

Looking at our Roadmap, Property on Demand is not as a priority as the community would like it to be, so we will be shuffling things around. Property on Demand is now next in line!

We would also like to expand the access pool that POD has. Initially, it was meant to be exclusive for Terra Land Premium Club members, as it was described in our earlier article. That will be changed too, giving access to more of the interested users than before. The requirements will be few, and described later in the post.

Firstly, what is Property on Demand and how does it work?

The new system allows the purchasing of a property outright, giving full exclusive rights to the what, the how, the when, and the where.
100% of it goes to the new owner(s). This can be a single individual or a group of people that have previously come together and agreed on purchasing a property amongst themselves.
Being the full owner, you decide if you want to live in the new property, use it as a summer home, rent it out yourself, the possibilities are endless.

Requirements for participating in Property on Demand

It used to be that only TLPC members were meant to have access to POD. With the scrapping of that, we have set new requirements that will benefit all users interested in the continued long-term growth of the project.

In order to gain access to POD, users will have to stake a minimum value of 2,000.00 $UST in $TLAND tokens in either the Liquidity Providing Protocol or Single Asset Staking Protocol. The conversion rate is set at the moment the POD real estate is requested. The asset will have to continue to be staked until the process of officially acquiring the property is completed.

Additionally, Terra Land will purchase $TLAND tokens from the market equal to 1% of the property value and burn them, further deflating token value for all investors.

What properties will be available?

Property on Demand will always be the right fit for you. The investor chooses whether they want a specific property they have already found themselves or would like Terra Land’s help in finding their dream home. So the choices are simple:

  • Come with a specific property in mind, we will handle it from there.
  • Come with an idea of what you would like to buy (the more details the better), and for an upfront research fee, we will help find you suitable places to choose from. If successful, the fee will automatically become part of the investors’ funds towards purchasing the property.

In summary, everyone has access to Property on Demand.
Each new request is a case by case basis, where we will discuss the terms so they fit each individual investor; buying a house for yourself is an enormous and hugely personal milestone, we are here to help you find what you dream. We will help you not spoil that dream with the tedious things, Terra Land will take care of all the background stuff, so you can fully enjoy the moment you walk in through those doors with keys in hand.

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