As promised, we have prepared for you a full analysis of the events that took place yesterday.

As there were many voices saying that the address:
does NOT belong to any of our seed investors or private investors and team.

We believe that what happened yesterday will serve as a warning to all other projects, and we have certainly learned a big lesson.

In our view, a series of unforeseen events occurred, such as, for example, incorrect information published on Twitter by @lejimmy in our and many other projects and people’s opinion.
We believe that this situation was not yet critical until @stablekwon himself expressed his opinion about us.

We want every message we send you to be as clear as possible, and this is also due to the experience we have had.
We are sorry that it has come to such a situation as it did tonight, but we hope that you will really read the content of this message and only after verifying everything will you have your say about it.

We are also counting on @lejimmy and @stablekwon to respond to this.

Below is a chronology of events.


The first stage took place between 13:44 CET and 15:05 CET. This stage was aimed at deceiving potential bots that could take part in the actual listing. The strategy was to deliver a fake token to the market without informing about the smart contract address. Thanks to this action we managed to catch the bot at 80k mouth in the first block after 1:44 p.m. Unfortunately, the bot owner realized in time and managed to move out most of the funds. The whole stage consisted of the steps listed below.

  1. In the first step smart contracts were created at 13:44 CET
    Transactions below.

TLAND Token:

Development Fund Vesting:

Advisors Vesting:

Private Sale Vesting:

Public Sale Vesting:

Team Vesting:

LP Staking:


Another attempt to defend the token proper from bots took place less than 30 minutes before the listing proper. Below are the details:

2. A pair was then created at 14:37 CET
Transaction below:

Stage two was the proper listing stage of the $TLAND token. Below are the details of the activity:

3. The pool was funded at 15:06 CET in the transaction:

4. smart contracts Vesting, Staking AND Airdrop were funded with $TLAND tokens at: 15:10 CET

Team Vesting was funded in the transaction:


Private sale:

Pub sale:

Dev fund:



We still wanted to refer to the chronology of events of the person who managed to set the bot on the correct $TLAND token, below are the details:

Address — terra1up8a2kznjlratdjg2e6zrtxmp9ldmtpy25cp4x

At 15.06 CET the pot was funded by us:

At 15.06 CET he bought for $100K $UST

That address also participated in StarTerra IDO for Terra Land. At 15:24 CET he claimed TLand tokens bought in the @StarTerra_io IDO for Terra Land

At 1:53 AM CET (6.11) made a sale of 80k TLAND

We leave the interpretation of our actions to you.
Our intention was to provide you with a chronology of events so that you could draw your own conclusions from the allegations which were directed against us.


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