Terra Land AirDrop

TLAND Project
2 min readOct 16, 2021


We have allocated 1,000,000 tokens for our AIRDROP, 50% of them will be distributed to people who stake $LUNA. Learning from the experience of other AIRDROPS, we want to avoid a situation where most of the AIRDROP will go to Whales. We will take a snapshot in a few days. Therefore, our goal is to distribute the tokens in a way that ensures fair distribution. We will use an appropriate hardcap for this purpose.

We will inform you about the remaining 50% of AIRDROP tokens soon.

In order for the property to be built, each investor must take all necessary steps that will eventually lead to the completion of the investment. It is similar with our AirDrop which is just starting 🙂

Each of you can become a developer of your own Airdrop and it will only be up to you when you finish your construction 🙂

To make it easier for you to go through all the “procedures”, we have prepared an instruction for you that will help you build your own foundation based on $TLAND tokens.

To become a 100% shareholder of your Airdrop, you need to complete a few tasks below:

To start the first stage of construction and unlock 25% of tokens, all you need to do is claim it from our website, we will send you the link immediately after the token listing.

The second step will be to deposit $TLAND and $UST tokens into the liquidity pool. You will be able to carry out the process of adding liquidity directly through our website.

The pre-last element that will unlock another 25% will be registration on our platform for which you will receive 25% of tokens. This step is also as simple as the one you started your $TLAND adventure with.

Do you already see the top of your building? You are on the home straight now!!

There is still one last step to be taken, but to sum up. You’ve already taken three important steps to complete your checklist in 75%!

The fourth step to get the last 25% of your Airdrop is as follows. All you need to do is join the group of users who have purchased a share in the property. Here you just need to purchase at least one share from any property that will be available on our platform.