We would like to inform you about the progress we have made on the platform.

As you remember, its first version will be launched in mid-June.

Time is running out and our specialists have their hands full 😊
The last months have resulted in establishing cooperation with many partners.

This group was joined by: Embiq, Fintech Connector, Renters.pl, Bitcan, Grand Horizon, Authologic, ARI10, Proptech HUB.

We have launched the information page token.fcqplatform.com and we have prepared a video explainer for you (link here — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zW-Hn7z8Uds

We have finished the work on smart contracts and they have been tested successfully. The repository of the code itself will be made public this week.

UI / UX logic and all graphic works are coming to an end.

Intensive programming work is still underway on the platform support side, but more on that in the following posts 😊

Thank you for being with us!

The TerraLand is a global transaction platform based on blockchain technology for the commercialization of real estate from the primary market